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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Virgo Career Horoscope 2014

It seems that 2014 starts stormily for Virgo natives due to Mars' retrograde movement in the house of social hierarchy and business. Consequently, you might have small problems with your bosses, and if you have your own business, it's not impossible to experience unpleasant surprises.

The difficult period is in January but the tensions will only disappear towards the end of February 2014. We advise you to take this stormy start of the year as a recommendation to be extremely prudent at work. Neptune's presence in Virgo's house of work and career in 2014 helps you do that, because it urges to introspection and reconsideration of the position in community.

 When Mercury is retrograde (the former half of February 2014, the former half of June and the former half of October) you'd better not make rush decisions in these respects and accept the situation as it is, until a favorable period for changes comes along.